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1996-Acheived Bachelors of science, nursing
University of Massachusetts - Lowell, Ma.

1997-Vermont Institute of Massage
Burlington, Vermont

1998-Private therapeutic massage practice
Burlington, Vermont

1999-2002-Med-Surge Nurse
Fletcher Allen Hospital
Burlington, Vermont

2000-Nationally certified in massage and therapeutic bodywork.

2002-Member of Vermont Massage Guild


I believe that many people have the ability to heal and live well
once they put their mind towards attaining wellness.
Through massage, my goal is to facilitate that healing through deep relaxation,
release of tensions, toxins and improve general state of positive living.

Healing and health requires active participation of oneself-choosing to
live well-through a nutritious diet, fresh air and clean water,
daily exercise and rest, can help achieve the wellness that begins within.

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