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Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points (T.P) are areas found on muscle tissue that contain
a build up of waste products that excite the spinal cord and cause referred pain.
Often felt as 'knots', these waste products interfere with
circulation of blood and oxygen through the muscle and also may restrict muscle movement.

Pioneered by Janet Travell MD in the 1970's-her team found that these specific T.P's in muscles
create a specific refereed pattern of pain, to an area distant from the actual point.

How do Trigger Points develop?
  • muscle injury
  • over use
  • stress, chronic and acute
  • poor nutrition
  • postural distortions
  • hormonal imbalances

Imagine yourself in a place of peace,
restful, safe. Your breathing slows,
becomes full and nourishing to your entire
body as your shoulders are held, pressure slowly
increasing until the muscles relax.
Incorporating Deep Trigger Point work with massage helps bring blood circulation to the muscle, releases the muscle and removes the waste products that have developed over time. For some bodies it will take several massage sessions to decrease the pain and tight muscles, for some, instant relief will be noted. Each body is unique.

Massage can help create an awareness of how your body is used during the day. How emotions and stress affect the body and bring on a feeling of rest, peace and relief.

B. McKennedy

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